The Liberian Credit Union Association (LCUNA) started as far back as 1966 in Maryland County, Liberia with the able directions of Father Ted Hayden and Bishop Boniface Dallieh. In 1969 LCUNA was officially established, and in 1973 LCUNA was accredited by the division of marketing and planning, Ministry of Agriculture. Prior to the war in 1990, LCUNA had 68 primary Credit Unions with 24,000 individual memberships at which time LCUNA was among the three high ranking national apexes in Africa. After the war LCUNA has been able toregain its strength by establishing its leadership: Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee and Management. LCUNA headquarters has been renovated and furnished. The membership of LCUNA has risen up to 400 credit associations around the country.

LCUNA was opportune obtain a grant from the United Nation Capital Development Fund to revitalize the credit union movement of Liberia. Through this drive, LCUNA has established four regional credit unions that provide financial services to hard to reach populations. LCUNA has also established functional Central Finance Facility (CFF) that serves as bank for credit unions around the country through the provisions of loan ranging from L$100,000.00 to L$500,000.00 at present. LCUNA has also established a Mobile Money Department that is responsible to train and establish at each credit union office Mobile Money service center. Currently, LCUNA has intensified its operation on training and loan facilitation to its members.

Since then LCUNA has been improving and financially sustaining the lives of its members moreover LCUNA has received national and international supports that have led to building its human and financial capacity. Some of the donors include UNCDF, Irish league, Konrad Adenenour Foundation (KAF), GOL thru the Central Bank of Liberia, Cooperative Development Agency, as well as ACDI/VOCA and Lone star during its reorganizing process. Central Bank of Liberia has for the past time issued financial loan thru its Loan Extension and Availability Facility (LEAF) to primary credit unions to be repaid in the period of three years at an interest rate of three percent (3%). LCUNA has assets value of 1.3 million united state dollars.