LCUNA, provides credit unions education and sensitization on the philosophy and operating principles of credit unions to both new and existing Credit Unions. Capacity building trainings are also provided to board of directors, supervisory committee and other committees on their roles and responsibilities in order to ensure the smooth operations of all the credit unions. In addition, specialized training packages are also offered based on the need and requirements of the credit unions from time to time.

As a service provider, LCUNA provides the following key services to its members:
Training: Training is a significant component of the key services LCUNA provides to members around the country. Those major areas of concentration are: Governance, Financial Literacy, Loan Administration, Leadership and Basic Credit Union Operation and Small Business Management.

Inspection and Setting up of Accounts: This department is responsible to inspect and set up accounts of primary credit unions around the country.

Central Fund Facility (CFF): CFF is LCUNA central bank that serves as potential source of financial resources for LCUNA members’ financial enhancement. The CFF is been supported by its members and other donors. The members’ contribution to this Fund will be done through the purchase of shares, registration fees and monthly savings. With respect to the donor contribution, proposal was prepared and marketed. Proceeds from this process have now placed the CFF in a better position to duly execute its mandates.The purpose of the CFF is to help primary credit unions who are financially incapacitated to meet the needs of its members thru loan with an affordable and reasonable interest rate.

Small Business Management unit (SBM): The SBM will be responsible to develop business training program for LCUNA and its primary credit unions in the areas as follows:
Bookkeeping and Accounts
Business Planning and Budgeting
Policy Formulation and Promotion
Program/Product Development and Marketing
Community Relations
Stakeholders Linkages
Research and Resource Mobilization Analysis Course Design
Members Education Program and Training Materials Development

Information Technological System (ITS): The ITS is created to help develop programs that will provide enabling environment for the new modern LCUNA. program, under this unit includes the following:
Computer Literacy Program
Database Development and Operation
Computer system and management
Information System
Data Entry and Transmission
Internet Services
Micro Finance Software

Mobile Money Unit (MMU): This unit is primarily responsible to work and identify those credit unions that have the potential and willingness to establish mobile money service centers, and to also do mobile money transactions for partners.